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Month: December 2018

Have You Seen The 8 Dog Food Recalls Regarding Vitamin D Levels? Life’s Abundance Is Not Involved In This Or Any Other Recall.

😍 Another win for Life's Abundance! We're so glad we decided to switch our dogs over to these products and become representatives almost 16 years ago. This company has never had a recall in their 20 years in business. We've seen changes in our own dogs as well as the dogs and cats of our pet sitting clients. If you've been watching dog food recalls, you've seen 8 recalls regarding the presence of elevated levels of Vitamin D in dry dog food. That can be toxic and cause serious health problems. One of the great things about this company is...

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How to Earn Money and Rewards with Survey Apps

Unless you haven’t been online very much you have probably heard about the idea that you can take surveys and earn money and rewards. In the past few years there have been a rise of new rewards and survey apps that have made this even more popular. However, what does it really take to earn […] The post How to Earn Money and Rewards with Survey Apps appeared first on Spectrum of Wellness. Source...

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