The Ninja 1100 has been uniquely programmed for controlled processing.

It is a two-for-the-selling price-of-a person kitchen procedure as it provides the functions of a blender as properly as a food stuff processor and also makes pulps of complete fruit and crushes ice.

It has a person ‘control box’ space on which possibly a person of the two containers can in shape, just about every with its individual blades and other attachments.

This is no standard blender or mixer and the ‘base’ incorporates some ground breaking controls supplying a special procedure.

These controls are dependent on pre-selected speeds identified as ‘pulses’ and they are employed for the controlled processing: Pulse one (Dough) Pulse two (Mix) Pulse three (Crush)

Pulse one is a slow pace that can powerfully combine dough utilizing up to one ½ lbs. of flour. Components are put into the bowl and the dough hook will work gradually at first until finally all the elements are included and then speeds up to combine the dough until finally it is of the sought after regularity.

This is identified as SmartSpeed. It does not go a lot quicker, but remains at a steady, pre-selected pace to combine the dough into a ball. At this issue the Ninja’s occupation is about and the cook dinner requires about, proving and baking the dough. The difficult component of the occupation was accomplished by the Ninja.

Pulse two – Blender Perform. This is the pace at which smoothies are built utilizing the quad blade 4 in the 40-oz. Bowl. These blades are razor-sharp and can shave pieces off a fingernail and worse, so cope with it with care.

Smoothies are built with milk and fruit and ice. This is a sort of basic combine, but the combinations are limitless. Invest in a recipe ebook and test out the quite a few diverse smoothies, fruit and vegetable blends.

Pulse three – (Crush) is employed to make frozen drinks and crush frozen fruit and ice. The quad blade with 6 blades and the seventy two-oz pitcher is employed and this is the place Margaritas are built. It is uncomplicated and quick. Just put the makings for the consume alongside one another, add ice and let the machine go for as extended as essential. It is commonly accomplished in a number of seconds.

Make juice as properly on Pulse three utilizing the complete fruit without peeling. If these are a bit thick, slim it down with h2o. Some people today favor these thick juices made up of the complete fruit, peel and all, although others favor the thinner juices mage in juice extractors the place the pulp is divided from the juice. The seventy two-oz container is most typically employed for building frozen drinks.

The Pulse three lets for the substantial speeds essential to beat egg whites for meringues, utilizing the whisk.

The Ninja 1100 Kitchen Process has a special set of controls that allows it to conduct all its functions genuinely properly.

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Resource by Amy M Ling