Fractaltribe presents Timesphere: A Psychedelic Costume Ball ft Vibrasphere, Zentrix, & Development


Shots by Kyle Rober

Atmosphere by: Fractaltribe, Dana Seaver/Dave Henshaw, Artemis, Bajrang Tea, Levitation Principle
Flyer Structure: A Pixel-Manipulating Fractilian aka Hayley Carloni

Welcome to Timesphere, the official Fractalfest Reunion ft. Vibrasphere.

This is the next prospect to capture the online video mapped Spiral Sun 2.. To pursue our mission of offering an atmosphere for you to examine your senses in, we supply a assortment of global and regional musical company, striking visual information & atmosphere, healthy foods & fresh juice, a full tea lounge hosted by Bajrang Tea, and the intention to deliver a protected and snug atmosphere to join with individuals of related pursuits. We ask you to arrive with an open up & clean up mind and a festive costume to be a section of the working experience.

: An audibly visual tribadelic working experience.
: An exquisite mix of artwork, songs, and foods.
: A rising household.

-Full vegan meals for everyone provided by Fractaltribe & Pot luck.
-No cost sizzling and cold organic tea sourced from community farms all night and early morning provided by Bajrang Tea.
-Juice Bar will be provided by Supernova Superfoods! Flood your stomachs and brains with substantial nutrient juices and smoothies to preserve your energy up and your brains joyful way past dawn.
-four hour Crystal Singing Bowl serenade by The Conduit & Marissa Mary on Didgeridoo.

The Concept:

We have been residing our life at a rate of 24 several hours per full earth axis rotation at 365 times per full circumference all over the sunshine. We exist in our human type that is authorized at this pace of lifetime. For one night, we will halt this pace to stop time permitting our forms which hide involving the threads of time to be introduced. In this timesphere, our alternate creatures celebrate their flexibility from the clutches of passing time relishing their flexibility to ultimately arrive out of the shadows and examine. Arrive to “Timesphere” as your inner creature which exists deep in your timeless self.

The Intent:

We are putting all attempts into building a reunion accumulating to solidify the connections we all designed with ourselves and some others from Fractalfest, our three working day accumulating this summer time. We invite you to section of an function which has both equally the wild and calming factors. Collectively, let’s find a harmony in lifetime and become as shut to yin and yang, the Hunab Ku. Also to realize this harmony is itself well balanced with chaos. All we ask is you be respectful of by yourself, of some others, and of the area.
Shots from our earlier activities:

The Songs:

****Vibrasphere (Tribal Vision Information, Sweden) Rickard Berglöf 2 hr djset****

****Zentrix (Zenon Information, Montréal) Psytech set****

****Development (AntiShanti Information, NYC/Russia) Chill & Psytrance sets****

****ONDRASE (Fractaltribe, MA) Retro Vinyl Psytrance set****

****Mike Swells (Increase, Boston) Progressive Techno set****
Tea Lounge Hosted by Bajrang Herbal Tea

Bajrang Herbal Tea is an artisanal tea company based mostly in the Pioneer Valley of beautiful Western Massachusetts. Our mission is to supply you and your community a deeply wholesome cup of tea with a distinctly delectable style.

Bajrang Herbal Teas supply deep nourishment that will come from effectively well balanced, broad spectrum vitamin and mineral abundant medicinal herbs. These tea blends are consciously created with organic tremendous food items to promote vitality and assistance your effectively-becoming with optimum diet to the organs and anxious program.

Imagining locally: we go on to manifest our vision to develop and source as numerous herbs as attainable, in and all over Western Mass. Our tea is introduced to you with an abiding motivation toward becoming the modify we would like to see in the environment.

“Trying to keep your overall body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the total cosmos.” Thich Nhat Hanh

****The Conduit (Hartford, CT) four-hour Audio Meditation****

The Conduit is a team of musicians who exercise the artwork of efficiency-‘sound-meditation’ for individuals or groups to align, and ~find harmony within just~ specializing in the historical artwork of seem meditation: a strategy that results in a state of effortless peace and a purely natural natural environment for self-therapeutic

Personal wellness and peace is the initial step toward a utopian environment. Only when one emanates the way of living of harmony and harmony, can one anticipate to transfer some into the community bordering them selves. We think that the by means of the modality of meditation anyone has the electrical power for introspection and expansion. Audio, especially from the gongs, has a unique skill to clear psychological clutter, streamlining the meditation exercise.

We benefit from Gongs, singing bowls, and good intention to decrease psychological distraction, permitting the overall body the prospect return to its purely natural resonance.


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