For those seeking business opportunities, becoming a VoIP reseller or agents has become a popular enterprise. There are many benefits to the reseller as well as their clients. Because the use of VoIP is on the increase, the prospects awaiting VoIP resellers are very positive. VoIP resellers can work as VAR’s (value-added resellers) as either an agent or a reseller. Both types of VoIP vendors have different advantages to benefit both the vendors and consumers.

What do VoIP Agents and Resellers do?
An agent will sell VoIP services and products under the name of the VoIP provider and maintain its brand and work, whilst having 24-hour support from the provider in various aspects. The Network Operation Centre (NOC) of the relevant company under which the agent functions provides them with a highly trained support team plus the use of a successful marketing programme.

A reseller will generally manage their own brand and work without the support of the provider but resellers have many great rewards to offer. The product and specifications broaden, allowing the reseller greater flexibility with client’s needs and also to stretch their brand as far as they want. Competitors will also feel a bigger threat from resellers.

The many opportunities VoIP offers Resellers and Agents
VoIP telephony presents many business opportunities for resellers, especially in the small business sector. SME’s (small business enterprises) have a very different communications needs and specifications to large enterprises and corporations.

A leading research company specialising in research in the fields of messaging and collaboration, security, email archiving, regulatory compliance, wireless technologies and web services has stated that within three years, three quarters of businesses will be reliant on VoIP technology for their communication needs. This illustrates the possibilities for success in VoIP reselling due to the large market available for value added resellers not only to make a living, but to establish themselves in the market as well.

Traditional PBX systems are heavily reliant on hardware for telephony services, whereas VoIP services rely on a software-based application. Despite the prices of PBX dropping and thus increasing the attraction towards lower price telephony systems, VoIP services deliver a higher value service to customers through their package in general. VoIP resellers can offer clients and subscribers software licences and other services as well as hardware sales, propelling VoIP services into a much higher value status.

Mobile VoIP
Mobile VoIP has become an increasingly popular service with consumer demand growing steadily. With the arrival of high speed internet and easy international travel, employees are spending more time out of the office on business trips and call-outs than ever before. Mobile VoIP allows employees to travel from the office and make use of mobile functionality whilst keeping costs low. VoIP resellers have a large market available to provide mobile VoIP services and push their brand to its capacity.

Other Benefits
The other benefits of being a VoIP agent or reseller include minimal capital outlay, allowing resellers and agents to begin the process of selling VoIP to customers sooner rather than later without major risk of financial turmoil and uncertainty. Revenue streams recur and increase monthly, also providing a greater financial freedom.

The marketing used by VoIP agents and resellers makes use of a strategy that carries the product to market quickly. Through understanding the communication needs of the next generation of consumers and the benefits of VoIP to a business creates loyal customers requiring multiple sales.

Technically, the resellers will also benefit from a product that is high performance with a reliable network through a first class carrier if they choose the right provider to partner with. A good provider will make sure that high quality and thorough training is available for agents and resellers. Sales and technical staff should also be updated regularly through extensive training plans to offer the best service.

A VoIP reseller or agent provides a service to the product, service provider and clients, who gain many benefits themselves. Although VoIP agents and resellers may seem like a difficult business to establish and achieve success with, using the right service provider will lead to proper training, a quality product and thorough delivery to clients that is reliable and worth marketing.

Source by Rosemary Grace Brooks